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Handmade Lampwork Art BeadZ!:

"Sparkly Eyes"
Orig.: $38.00
Sale: $25.00
"Boro Waves"
Orig.: $32.00
Sale: $20.00
"Sun Poppies"
Orig.: $27.00
Sale: $18.00
"Stone Multi" - Set of 3
Orig.: $10.00
Sale: $8.00
"Tangerine Sparkle"
Orig.: $16.00
Sale: $12.00
"Big Blues" - Set of 3
Orig.: $15.00
Sale: $12.00
"Zebra" - Set of 5
Orig.: $15.00
Sale: $11.00
"Mottled Tubes" - Set of 4
Orig.: $15.00
Sale: $12.00

This is only a small selection from the Lampwork Art Beads and Sets made by Marilynn, John, and Emily. 

Our beads are individually handmade using oxygen/propane mix torches.   We use Moretti, Vetrofond, Creation is Messy, Bullseye, and Kugler brands of soft glass.  We also use Northstar, Precision Color, Glass Alchemy, Simax, and Momka's brands of borosilicate glass.   We anneal all of our Lampwork Art Beads in a digitally controlled kiln to ensure durability.

If you're a jewelry designer looking for a certain style of handmade beads, we can custom make those for you.  We offer a discount for a volume of production type beads.  

If you see something here but it's already sold, just drop us a line - we're always happy to do custom orders! 


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