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ZAPPZ! Bead Hole Polish:


Optical Grade Bead Hole Polish


Lampworking techniques vary just as much as our creations.  This can lead to inner bead-hole surfaces that detract from the appreciation (and value!) of an otherwise beautiful transparent art piece.  We’ve fought this problem forever.


ZAPPZ! Optical Grade Bead Hole Polish ensures crystal-clear transparent bead holes time after time, even under the most demanding conditions.  And unlike the other “fixes” we’ve all tried, ZAPPZ! results are fast, permanent and flat-out amazing.  Simply put, the inside of your bead will be just as invisibly clear and glossy as the outside, and will look wet when perfectly dry.  FOREVER..!


ZAPPZ! results are permanently beautiful because it is NOT a cover-up for rough glass surfaces, it's a polish that quickly and permanently smooths the bead hole surface to a glistening, sparkling lustre that you simply can't get anywhere else. 


ZAPPZ!  is not a bead release remover!  Bead holes should be completely free of release before polishing.  It works fastest when used with Zippz! Bead Release, because unlike other releases, Zippz! cleans out completely with very little effort.  Zippz! also leaves a much smoother bead hole than a diamond reamer, so it requires less polishing time than diamond-reamed beads.